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Design trends of 2023

Design in 2023 is moving towards an all immersive approach keeping in mind the advances of Artificial Intelligence as well as Augmented /Virtual Reality. A re-emergence of old trends is on a prowl as well as the focus has been mainly about keeping themobile audience engaged. Brands are concentrating on a design thought process that benefits heavily in the marketing industry. Increasing digital content consumption has given brands an opportunity to interact with their audience and the medium here has primarily been design.

Here are some of the design trends that are on a rise.

1. Minimalist design.

Never before has the minimalist design trend boomed like that in 2023. Simplicity and relevance are the main aspects a consumer looks for lately, everything has to be aesthetic, minimal and relevant. And the brands are loving it. As this gives them the freedom to concentrate on the product with a comfortable visual design perspective.

2. Serif Fonts

Serif fonts are a rage in the world of graphic design especially for luxury brands and high end businesses. The entire serif fonts family is being utilised in every possible way by brands that prefer sophistication in their designs. The lines between print and online with respect to serif fonts have completely been blurred thanks to the growing design trend.

3. Parallax in motion design

Parallax is basically a set of different layers of graphics that move at different speeds while scrolling. This creates a very enchanting, eye-pleasing effect as if the content had an actual depth while everything is placed in one dimension. This design trend has swept away the design world with its magic.

4. Multicolour soft gradient.

Be it websites, be it static posts, the multi colour soft gradient background is in high demand everywhere. Graphic designers are adjusting their font visibility based on the background more than its vice versa.

5. Gigantic Typography

Mostly being used on bigger screens to display high definition ads with gigantic typography is a trend that has been very noticeable lately. Organisations are focusing on simplifying texts with the help of giant typography. This trend for gigantic typography is all over social media.

6. Computer Generated Graphics

Thanks to the advances of technology, computer generated graphics are offering designers a lot of flexibility in the world of design. A trend that has emerged and is on a high rise. Computer generated graphics are helping designers create better and faster.

7. Risograph print

Risograph printing is becoming a staple in the graphic design world. Its unique, organic look has become more appealing with the current changes happening in terms of designing.

Designers in 2023 are incorporating risograph effects into their work, be it print medium or digital medium.

8. Modern Nostalgia

Fresh and familiar are the keywords in the modern nostalgia design trend of 2023. Blending past and present to create something different is the thought behind it. Designers are loving this trend as it gives them an opportunity to play with a lot of vintage elements, be it typography, patterns or even images.

9. Black and White.

Darker colour schemes are easier on the eyes. Since the phenomenal increase in usage of phones, darker colour palettes are influencing 2023 design culture heavily. This trend is a refreshing departure from the bright mix matched colourful palettes which too have found a footing in 2023.

10. Maximalism

No longer do things have to go together. Brands are adding more personality to items and an explosion of mismatched colours is seeping into luxury items. These mix matched colour palettes are a huge hit this year. Designers are very happy to see two contrast design trends gaining popularity simultaneously as it gives them the variety they often crave for in their work.

Contrasting trends, trends within trends and re-emerging trends have so far been the design theme of 2023. What are your thoughts? Do let us know.


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